Rechargeable air purifier negative ion air purifier to remove odor formaldehyde

Product name: Ion purifier Input voltage: 5V Battery capacity: 1600 mA,It can be used for 12 hours with a single charge Main function: The nano-anion released by the purifier adopts the method of adsorption, accumulation and decomposition to settle and decompose the PM2.5, bacteria, formaldehyde, pollen, odor molecules, second-hand smoke and other pollution sources in the air in our breathing range to protect them. The health of you and your family. Using ultra-quiet design, no noise annoyance. Using large-capacity battery, super battery life. Make sure to go out and indoors. Effectively remove formaldehyde, benzene, acetone, xylene, second-hand smoke and other harmful gases, negative ions have no secondary pollution or radiation, and can be used by pregnant women and babies.

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